Dear Friends!

Three years has passed from the time when Vladimir Putin has put forward the idea of  the Agency for strategic initiatives, the main purpose of which was protected from the dictates of business officials from the bureaucratic barriers that help enterprising and successful people who want to realize themselves, to promote and develop their ideas into business.

The agency began work in full view last fall. During this relatively short time much has been done. One of the major outcomes of the study was the four road maps of the National Business Initiative project "Improving access to energy infrastructure," "Support for access to foreign markets and export promotion", "Improving the business climate in construction" and "Improvement of Customs Administration," which lasted for two months. "Road map" designed not only to FOIA, but also the government, ministries, federal agencies, experts and entrepreneurs.

In essence, there was work well not only the structure of the Agency, and a very large team of interesting, capable leaders, who with our help implement their projects and initiatives, as well as experts, authorities, federal and regional levels.

In my opinion, very important that we are not a closed community of wise men, which lead to endless discussions. We are very focused on results. So, for example, when creating the working group NPI, we hooked up "crowdsourcing", created the site in the "Internet". According to the project support the export of comments we sent 20,000 people!

Best regards, Andrey Nikitin

Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects (Agency for Strategic Initiatives) is the autonomous non-profit organization established by the Government of Russia in order to implement set of measures in economic and social spheres. The agency operates since August 11, 2011. The mission of the agency is to create opportunities for self-actualization of young ambitious leaders capable of bringing Russia to the frontline, building the country to live and work.


  • Promotion of projects and initiatives, and fast-growing medium-sized businesses in the social sphere.
  • The development and increasing the number of leaders from the medium-sized businesses and social sector.
  • Improving the business climate, creating a positive image of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in the Russian society.
  • Promote the development of professional competencies.
  • The formation and support of the "new" Youth in the management of social institutions.
  • The development of NGOs in the social services sector, especially the budget.

Key features

  • Support for initiatives
  • Project Management: Initiation and the search, selection and promotion
  • Develop a network of agencies
  • The elimination of administrative barriers
  • Support for young professional teams